Communitas Twin Cities is a missional community in the St. Paul area.   We are often referred to as a 'church on the street', which is a name we really like!  Most churches have people come to them. Our vision has been to go OUT with the love of Jesus and support and care for others with our time, energy and resources.   As we have sought to see what that looks like, we found ourselves on the corner of W7th and Smith the third Sat of every week serving a meal, offering prayer, learning from the Bible together and discovering ways of bringing much needed support to people living on the edges with things like bus cards, hygiene items, and a place to be known.  

We are now a community of about 70 people, some with homes, some without; a mix of the 'have' and 'have nots' who together worship, pray, share a meal together and have grown to become a true community.   

Join us!

Feel free to join us at any time and help be part of making a difference as we strive to grow in seeking God and serving others! 

Please sign up to volunteer for the SoulFULL Meal Serve Street Ministry by clicking here.  

To learn more about us, watch the video on the SoulFULL page!

You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter by emailing us at

Metro Transit Bus Cards


Each month we hand out an average of 47 bus cards, at the value of $10 each.  These bus cards are a desperately needed item as rarely do any other organizations help with transportation needs.  These bus cards help our community get to doctor and social agency appointments, to get to their jobs or to a store to purchase groceries.  They also help our community get out of downtown and out to a local park or be with a friend.  A heated or air conditioned bus can be a most welcome respite for someone living outside and often our friends ride the bus just to be warm/cool.

If you wish to sponsor a bus card or two, please donate via one of the many options and note 'bus cards' in donation.