Communitas Twin Cities

SoulFULL is our monthly meal serve ministry. 

We hand out free lunches, seek to meet other needs as they come up and offer a time of prayer and spiritual discussion with people we are building community with. We see it as 'church off a truck' and are excited to build relationships with those we serve! 

Our meal serve location is off Smith Ave and W 7th Street, near the Salvation Army.

We will help meet the food needs of that neighborhood as the Salvation Army is closed on Saturdays.  

Volunteers are needed to help prep meals and either be part of the meal serve on Saturdays or be part of the Soul team meeting and greeting the people we serve.  We truly feel God has called us to this and are excited to see what comes next!  

Check it out and help be part of something new and cool!!

Upcoming Events

3rd Saturday each month - 12:30pm-2:00pm 

SoulFull Lunch Serve
W 7th & Smith Ave 

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Check back often to sign up for more events as they are added!