We believe that having a heart to care for others, having mercy on the poor and suffering is the same heart God has for His creation.    Yet many feel far from God's heart, and they yearn to feel closer.

Our rally cry is "Seeking God, serving others"

Whether you call yourself a 'church go-er' or not, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist -or anything else those who will feel most at home at Communitas Twin Cities are those that simply have a desire to learn more of who God is and a yearning to be part of a community that is making a difference in the Twin Cities area. 


Our name, communitas, is a carefully selected one.  It's Latin and its definition is found in the description of  "a community of people with a mission beyond themselves".

That's who we want to be At Communitas Twin Cities, we want to be a place where any and all of us gather in a casual, informal way to look beyond this world and ask questions of the Bible and what following Jesus looks like. 

We recognize that we are all on different stages of a journey as individuals and no one has to be at a certain 'arrived' place. 

At the same time, we are a community that looks into the world with hearts that genuinely care about people, poverty, suffering, justice, and the protection of this planet. 

We want to make impact. 

We want to use our talents, gifts and resources along with others to see if we can make a difference.

We want to have a mission beyond ourselves.


Communitas Twin Cities is associated with Communitas International, a international church planting organization. 

You can learn more about them at  gocommunitas.org


Dianna McCartan 612 756 9685